About This Site

This web application monstrosity is my final project for All Aboard Bootcamp lead by John Crepezzi.

Feeling discouraged because friends were rejected from paid bootcamps for not passing the screener, John went on a mission to increase diversity in tech by creating his own bootcamp to help those in under-represented groups out of work due to COVID exploring positions in tech.

John is an amazing instructor who can break down complex concepts so that even a five year old can understand. He is also an amazing mentor who spends extra time answering ALL questions and providing feedback for our work. John puts 110% and more into all of us and I can return the favor by putting in 110% and more in the class.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Kate Crepezzi, thank you for letting us have John for 7 weeks. Without your support and understanding, this would not be possible for all of us at All Aboard Bootcamp!

This is an education platform where authorized users can access their course materials all in one place.
As of Friday April 16th features include:
  • Users can register, view and edit their profile, delete their account, login, and log out
  • Users can request to enroll in multiple courses
  • Admins can enroll and unenroll users
  • Enrolled users can view course materials and submit assignments
  • Course materials include assignments, lectures, announcements, and forum.
  • Admins can create, edit, view, or delete any course materials
  • Admins can do a simple search in submissions for a course and all users
  • The forum can have multiple channels and functions similarly to a basic slack/discord with ability to reply to posts
  • New posts are refreshed using Action Cable and edits/replies are refreshed manually
  • All messages have full CRUD functions for original author and admins can delete any messages
  • Micro Blog includes my thoughts while attending All Aboard Bootcamp
  • Video walkthrough of this site: All Aboard Bootcamp Final Project Walkthrough
  • Code repository located at: GitHub
Future Improvements:
  • Continue to refactor code and add tests in all areas
  • Use Action Cable for all messages including edits, deletes, and replies
  • Add gamification component that will help motivate users to complete a course
  • Limit admins to specific courses and create a third role, owner, who has access to everything
  • Fix account verification using e-mail and add password reset functionality
  • Make the app responsive
  • Create quizzes?